HDYGH – Episode 9 Show Notes

In today’s episode, I sit down (virtually)  with one of my all-time favorite singers and storytellers, Michael John Poirier. Michael is a dear, old friend and fellow paterfamilias. I ask him, “How Did You Get Here?”

Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller, and Sixty-year-old Husband, Father, and Catholic Evangelist, Michael John Poirier

Pachabel Rant

Want to Learn about the Men’s work Michael was Talking About?

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Michael’s Podcast

Michael’s Website: Prayer Breaks

  • All of his music is amazing–and FREE!
    • Homeschooling little ones? Check out his Storyteller CD.
    • My favorite album is Ocean of Mercy.
    • This one is for you guys who want to draw near to God, but don’t know why or how. You know who you are…

Special Thanks:

  • To Michael John Poirier for coming on the show.
  • To Zoom for existing (and making this episode possible / passable).
  • To BPD for producing the show.