Verse of the Day for 09-18-22

Domine, Non Sum Dignus

It’s Sunday, so we rise and go to Mass.
We slip into an empty pew and kneel.
We bow our heads to pray, then Mass begins.

The priest says, “Call to mind now all your sins.”
I do recall them, then I start to feel
So foolish and pathetic. What an ass

I am! I am not worthy to receive
The Lord under my roof, not yet. And yet–
Behold! He stands at my heart’s door and knocks.

I long to let Him in, but a voice mocks:
“Your roof is leaky. All your things are wet!
He’ll hate it here! Do you truly believe

One word is all it takes to heal someone?”
“I do!” I let Him in, and He says, “Son.”