by Rob Drapeau

Within this stone encased is braced 
a man opposed to freedom.
Arms over head extended,
His shoulders shirk the work that falls upon him.
Blow upon blow, the hammer falls. 
Blow upon blow, the sculptor calls forth
a man akin to himself: “Exist!”
But the mannequin resists.
Afraid and undisclosed, 
he hides himself in stony skin.
He loathes the liberating blows
that would expose the man within.
Again and again, against granite will, 
the Sculptor’s skill collides.
Again and again, the stubborn stone
refuses to comply--
It will not let the Knocking in.
Yet the Master means to make it 
strike a likeness to Himself,
to take part in apart-taking,
in out-breaking from the shell,
to reck by wrecking rock and
by boasting humbly reckon.
The Master knocks upon the mocking block. 
He mocks an arm and arms it.
He hands the hand his hammer: “Knock!”
“Knock, and you shall be opened unto Me.”


Note: Originally published at the now-defunct